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WellKabinet Symptom tracker

The Importance of Symptom Tracking


Symptom tracking is crucial because it allows you to track your progress at every step of your wellness journey. In a general sense, you can likely guess whether your symptoms are improving. Tracking your symptoms empowers you. After all, it gives you concrete proof to review how frequently your symptoms occur and their severity. With WellKabinet™, you can record when you experience several common symptoms of chronic conditions and see whether your treatment plan is actually improving them.

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WellKabinet displaying an interaction

The Importance of Supplement-Drug Interaction Checkers

A supplement-drug interaction checker can be a valuable tool if you take prescription medications along with dietary supplements. With conventional medicines, doctors generally know the everyday drug interactions. However, if you take a supplement to combat any nutrient deficiencies or alleviate troubling symptoms, your healthcare provider could prescribe a medication that causes a supplement-drug interaction. WellKabinet™ supplement-drug interaction checker helps you automatically detect unsafe interactions so you can make informed decisions about your health.

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What should we eat

What Should We Eat?

Wellkasa’s ™ Sumit Mehrotra met with Donald I Abrams, MD, Integrative Oncologist, to have an afternoon chat about nutrition. Dr. Abrams shared his recommendations on the foods that are beneficial and those that would be best minimized or avoided to decrease the risk of disease, including cancer.  

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Wellkasa™ Launches Digital Medicine Cabinet


Scottsdale, Arizona. November 2022. Wellkasa™, a wellness-focused MedTech company has launched WellKabinet™, an innovative digital medicine cabinet.  WellKabinet™ is an easy-to-use health tracker designed to help patients take control of their holistic wellness regimen including prescriptions, supplements, foods, and mind-body therapies.

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Migraine Relief with Migra Well

Migraine Relief with Migra-Well

Wellkasa’s™ Sumit Mehrotra met with Dr. Robert Bonakdar to discuss Dr. Bonakdar’s experience in treating migraines with nutritional approaches and how it motivated him to develop Migra-Well™.

Migra-Well is a migraine dietary supplement that provides migraine relief using optimal dosages of clean, high-quality ingredients to fill nutrient gaps typical in people with migraines.

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Woman rubbing her forehead

What Are the Top 5 Migraine Causes?

Although many people think of migraines as headaches, migraine is a type of neurological disorder. Headaches are a common symptom of migraine, but there are many other migraine symptoms people often do not associate with the condition. Migraine 

causes are still not entirely understood, but researchers believe stress, hormones, sleeping habits, diet, and nutrient deficiencies are some of the most common migraine causes.

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Welkasa Team at Migra Well Manufacturing Company

Wellkasa™ Launches Line of Migraine Dietary Supplements

Scottsdale, Arizona. November 2022.  Wellkasa™, a wellness-focused MedTech company has launched Migra-Well™, its line of migraine dietary supplements. Dr. Robert Bonakdar, a board-certified headache specialist and medical advisor for Wellkasa™, drew on his medical expertise and existing research on migraine causes and research-backed migraine relief therapies to formulate the Migra-Well™ line.  He used unique combinations of essential vitamins and nutrients commonly deficient in migraine patients. Dr. Bonakdar’s Synutrientformulations in Migra-Well dose nutrients based on the optimal time of day and absorption patterns to support migraine symptoms including headache, nausea, light sensitivity, gastrointestinal discomfort, sleep, and mood issues.  

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Woman in an orange shirt squinting her eyes and rubbing the sides of her head

What Are Migraine Symptoms?

Migraine is a type of neurological condition that is often associated with severe, throbbing headaches. Roughly 10% of people globally suffer from migraines. People between 20 to 50 years are most impacted and migraines are about 3 times more common in women than in men. In a large US survey, 17.1% of women and 5.6% of men reported having migraine symptoms.

However, migraines are not just headaches.  Learning about the stages and symptoms can help you understand what migraines are and how they affect you.

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Transparent human head with red brain

Most Common Types of Headaches

Migraine, tension, cluster, and sinus headaches are four of the most common types, but there are many more. It isn’t uncommon to suffer from a headache disorder and occasionally experience migraines or a different type of headache.

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